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My Yoga Journey

I have never really talked about my yoga practice on Vegetarian South before but it is a big part of my life.  I am not a teacher. I am just a student. Actually scratch that I am not "Just a" anything. I am a yogi. I am working on limiting the word "just" from my vocabulary. It is weak and unnecessary. I often find myself drafting an email at work "I just wanted to check on" but thats not exactly what I mean I don't need to be polite about it "I want to check on" fill in the blank and it is probably because it has been over a week since I have first asked you for X. Sorry for the side rant. Because I am not a teacher I have felt nervous about sharing my experience and my journey. I don't know all of the proper anatomy, alinement, and terminology. I am learning as I go like everyone else. My yoga posts are meant as inspiration rather than education.

I have been practicing yoga fairly regularly for the past ten years. At times in my life I…

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