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Vegan Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad is taken pretty seriously in the south. It's great for family gatherings and parties. I'm not sure if I have been to Wedding/Baby Shower where it wasn't served. Everyones recipe is little different. It normally includes celery but I am not fan of the texture so I leave it out. I really like grapes and nuts in mine but it is also good with dried fruit. I was very pleased with how this batch turned out so I wanted to share!
To make the Vegan Chicken Salad you need: One cup chopped prepared vegan chick'n (like Gardein or Quorn)One cup quartered grapes1/2 cup pecan pieces 1/3 cup Just Mayo1/4 tsp garlic powder dash of black pepper Cook the chick'n according to the package then set aside to cool. Cut the grapes in halves or quarters so they are a little more bite sized. When the chick'n is cool you can chop into similar size small pieces. Mix everything together and chill before serving.

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