Champagne Citrus Vinaigrette with Roasted Chestnut Salad

New Years day we didn't feel like leaving the place so we scavenged what was in the kitchen. We had some champagne leftover from the night before and didn't want to let it go to waste. We had received some honeybell oranges in the mail as a gift and wanted to use those as well.

 To make the vinaigrette mix:
We served this over lettuces with thinly sliced radishes and roasted chestnuts. Roasting chestnuts is easy its just a little time consuming. First cut a slit into the chestnuts cutting almost all the way across. Then bake in the oven at 350 for about 40 minutes. The slit cut into them will open up more and when they cool enough to be handled you can break them open and peel away the shell.