New Fall Yoga Books I'm Excited About

So full disclosure here I am not getting paid to do this post but books are how I make a living. My normal 8 to 5 day job is working for a wholesale company to buy books for the retail chain Books-A-Millon (BAM). Books-A-Million is the 2nd largest bookstore chain in the country and I buy the books for certain non-fiction categories for all of their stores.

One of the perks of my job is I often get sneak peaks at new books and I have access to advance reader copies (ARC's) of books before they are published. ARC's are kind of like the manuscripts that the publishers work with but they are a little more cleaned up. They are not the final book sometimes things will change or you might catch a typo in them.

So I just finished reading an ARC of MC Yogi's book Spiritual Graffiti that goes on sale September 19th. I have been dying to read it since I first heard about it just because I wanted to know more about him.  I was aware of MC Yogi but didn't really know his full story. I just knew he did events with Wanderlust yoga festivals and I knew some of his music. I love his song Road Home check it out if you aren't familiar with his music. It's hard to describe but basically it's hip-hop you can flow to. Anyways the book goes into more about how he grew up and the path that he was on that led him to yoga. There is some pretty relatable stuff in the book in someways this could be anyones story about growing up and struggling to stay out of trouble by focusing on creative outlets like his art and music. His message is really strong about staying on your own path and listening to your own heart. That's what will get you through your journey. It's a good read and would recommend to my yogi friends.

He is doing something pretty cool on his website right now if you pre-order the book at one of the retailer links (**Cough**BAM**Cough**) on his page you will get an autographed bookplate for your book, 3 advance singles from his new album, and a promo code for a discount in his store.

Another yoga book I am excited about this fall is The Yogi Assignment by Kino MacGregor. I follow her on Instagram for inspiration. Her new book goes on sale September 26th and it is a more hands on guide. She wrote it as a 30-program to bring focus to your life on and off the mat. Each day she gives you a different practice and meditation. I can't wait to see this finished book and work through her program.

I also want to mention a book that goes on sale next week, Big Gal Yoga. You might recognize Valerie Sagun from Instagram she has over 150K followers.  Her message is very encouraging and body image positive. She has written this guide for yogis of all sizes because yoga is for everybody. Anyone can do it and this book looks like a great place to start.

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