Sanctuary Vegan Cafe in Knoxville

We are on the road again! We drove up to Virginia today. We drove to Knoxville, TN last night to split up the drive. We made it into Knoxville at dinner time so we stopped at Sanctuary Vegan Cafe. This was or first time there. It's tucked into an old strip center next to a movie theater with a simple sign that says Vegan Cafe. The employees were all super friendly. They have a decent sized menu with a lot of seitan items. We shared the cauliflower buffalo wings. They were amazing! They were crispy and just the right level of spicy and how can you go wrong with vegan ranch. Eric ordered the special it was a jerk seitan philly with grilled pineapple and mango pineapple dressing. He loved it. I took a bite of the jerk seitan and it was really good. They said they used a meat slicer to cut the seitan super thin. I had the beet ruben sandwich. It was good but almost too messy to enjoy.