What's for Brunch

I decided I wanted to start hosting semi regular sunday brunches because I love brunch I am not a huge fan of going out for brunch. It's always too crowded, with long waits and limited veggie options. When I told Eric he freaked out a bit until I told him not to worry because I was only inviting him and the cat. I knew he was only panicking at the thought of how much work going into cleaning and cooking to hosting guest.

Saturday morning we went to Pepper Place farmers market downtown Birmingham. We bought a loaf of good french bread. Then we bought a watermelon radish and some broccoli sprouts from Iron City Organics and some small tomatoes from Sandlin Farm.

To use what we had bought at the market Eric made tomato toast. He simple toasted the bread and topped with sliced tomatoes and sprouts that had been tossed in a simple dressing of sunflower oil with salt and pepper.

To go with it I made Vegan Pancake and Sausage Muffins from the blog Rabbit and Wolves. Lauren has some amazing recipes on her blog and I was really happy how these muffins turned out. I was a little nervous because I am not the best baker but I was super excited when they turned out without sticking. I didn't have any spray so I used a little coconut oil to grease the muffin tins.

I also made a yogurt parfait inspired by a photo I saw on HippieButter Instagram account. A couple years ago I gave Eric a cherry pitter as a Christmas stocking stuffer. We haven't used it a ton but when we have it makes life easier. So I pitted some fresh cherries and layered them with vanilla greek yogurt and hemp seeds. The flavor combo was spot on because of the nutty flavor of the hemp seeds.